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Public survey ‘Should India adopt to one child policy – similar to China’

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Current Indian population – About 1.3 billion (and constantly increasing)
India has already gone / going through population explosion
By 2050, estimated world population will be about 9.1 billion (i.e. an addition of about 2.2 billion people in the existing world)
In 24-hour time period, about 15,000 new babies are born in the world – out of which 490 in US; 1836 in China; and 3087 in India (Numbers are indicative and not exact)
It is predicted that India will take over that of China in population around 2024 – and will become the most populous country in the world
Currently (2018), India enjoys young population having average of between 27 – 28 years
Population in China has started to age and in the time to come will be an ageing (dyeing) society
Resources available in India will remain the same (e.g. land, food etc.). No drastic increase in the resources can be expected
Indian population / society (after a period of 20 – 25 years) will be an ageing society (unless and until we maintain population growth rate as of now) – similar to China
Any developing country / society should become rich in a time period smaller than its ageing period; otherwise will not have a chance to become developed and economically prosperous nation / society
China adopted one child policy in the year 1979
China claims that about 300 million children were less born due to its one child policy
Chinese loosened its one child policy (after about three decades) and allowed its citizens to have a second child – since from Nov. 2013
China claims that about 300 million children were less born due to its one child policy
Experts estimates that about 100 million children were less born due to China’s its one child policy (and not 300 millions)
Due to economic development in China, giving birth to a second child is considered to be unaffordable to middle and less income people. (i.e. cost of proving good food, living space, education, etc. has increased a lot)
China’s one child policy has resulted in imbalanced sex ratio (i.e. number of men/boys becoming more than women/girls resulting in social problems like number of people are remaining unmarried)
During the last decade, China has achieved an impressive and phenomenal growth (almost in all sectors (except democracy) such as economic, education and R&D, infrastructure, quality of life, manufacturing, service sector, defense, space, IT, business, etc.)
China has successfully used its manpower to achieve growth
In India, situation is completely opposite as that of China
‘No policy’ is our policy
Average marriage age for girls in India is 18 years and average age at giving first birth is about 20 years of age.
At this point of time, Indian society does not really look to be bothered about its current population increase rate and the predicted figures in 2050
Currently, about 25 – 30 % of the world’s poor people lives in India
Currently, India has become hub to diseases/medical conditions like diabetics, blood pressure, cancer, TB, AIDS, kidney disorders, and communicable diseases
My questions are –
Can we think of controlling our population so that our next generations won’t be gifted with bad time?
Can we think of adopting ‘One child policy’, in the national interest; irrespective of religion, caste, state, and other differences?
With best regards
Yours truely,
Dr. Prakash R. Somani
Founder and Research Director
Applied Science Innovations Pvt. Ltd., India
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Should India adopt to ‘One child policy’ similar to China?
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Should India adopt to ‘One child policy’ via a law (1) or willingly (2) by the people of India?
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Should marriage age for girls be raised by few years, say by 2 – 5 years (by law)?
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No Name of person Adopt For Years Option Agree Comments
1 Dr. Prakash R. Somani Yes 10 (1) Yes It is high time that India adopts to ‘One Child Policy’ by law for a period of at least 10 years. Our ever increasing population is negatively affecting many things such as health and living standard, food and agriculture, Unemployment, poverty, fights due to land and water etc. Irrespective of any other thought such as rich or poor, any caste, religion, any state and region; I believe, India should adopt to ‘One Child Policy’ immediately with lawful effect. I would have been more than happy if we Indians accept to control population growth willingly. But it has a rare change and is a very slow process to convince people.
2 Dr. Savita P. Somani Yes 10 (2) Yes I agree that we should try to limit the exponential growth of our population to some extent. If one- or two- child per family policy should be adopted - should be decided by general public of India through discussion and willingly. It is happening in many communities automatically due to increasing cost of education, and quality of life, improving economy etc. More awareness should be created among different communities in India. People should understand that our country can not really continue to expand in population at this rate over the coming time. Some measures must be taken immediately. Increasing the marriage age of both boys and girls by at least 2 - 3 years can also be a good (partial) solution.
3 Dr AJINKYA GIRISH NENE Yes 15 (1) Yes The problems that we are suffering right now are mainly because of explosion of population. Many people have multiple children though they are not capable tovtake there responsibility. This is the time to act on this issue otherwise it will be too late. In present situation India will overtake Chinese population soon !

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